Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Genting Highland

Last 2 weeks we went to Genting Highland. Since ibu cannot babysit me on Monday 6th July, ummi and abah took the opportunity to bring me to theme park by bus. We took bus from KL Sentral to Genting Skyway. I was very happy, finally I could ride bus which I normally see on the road. I was amazed when we were in outdoor theme park..It was very fun and interesting playground to play around!!

Me with bus replica. I followed abah posed (sit) while he was taking picture of me.

We had so much fun as abah drove the antique car around the park.
I wish to come here again, if possible with the whole family..faris, farihin, nenek, tok mek, mak uda, auntie mas, cik nor and all my cousins as well..
I slept all the way back...kesian abah..dukung sleeping Arissa in LRT..

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ummi + Abah + Arissa

Blog ni ummi yg create...so that Arissa can read all her stories when she grown up. Sekarang Arissa dah 1 tahun 8 bulan= 20 bulan..
Apa yg saya dah pandai buat??hmmm...macam2..

NO 1 : buat ummi n abah marah...hehehe..Actually I love to help ummi to clean up...but x tau mcmmane nak buat...so end up semua barang bersepah..

NO 2 : I can talk a lot of things..bebit (rabbit), mamuk (nyamuk), kukuk (means ayam), ayer (air) dan baaaanyak lagi..tapi kalau mintak something I mesti kena cakap mcmni : 'abah...naknaknaknak ayer abah....'

nak tu mesti 3@4x..

NO 3 : run = lari....I lari laju sangat...dari depan sampai dapur, pastu bergayut kt kaki ummi..then ke depan balik..pastu dengar ummi jerit.."Arissa..jgn lari...nanti jatuh..."ala ummi Rissa dh byk kali jatuh...dahi ni selalu kena..

No 4 : let me think first...hmmm...nanti la...byk2 kita tak ingat la...


9-11-2007 @ SALAM Hospital