Thursday, August 20, 2009


1. moon (ni nenek yg ajar)
2.wait (sambil buat isyarat tangan sbb ummi selalu cakap pas mandi, suruh tggu dpn pintu bilik air sambil ummi ambil towel)
4.washen=wash hand
5.ayok...buat...=kalau ade bunyi pelik atau sape2 buat salah sikit
6.bucuk! (sambil tutup idung)
12.emot=remote TV
13.bukak, two,three...satu, dua tiga, pastu terus tujuh, lapan
15.lipash (binatang paling dia takut)
17.uwi=lori (dh byk kali ajar lori pun uwi gak disebutnya)
19.ipen=elephant (doc terpaksa bagi sebab nangis2 berkenan sgt)
20.nacik=nasi (lps kuar spital asyik mtk nasik je, selera bertambah alhamdulillah)

banyak la lagi yg tak sekarang dia suka panggil 'immi' instead of ummi...tak tau nape..satu perkataan je yang dia sebut clearly dari dulu sampai sekarang...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

3 hari 2 malam.......

Ni bukan lagu 3 hari 2 malam Fazley tu...tapi ni cerita pasal Arissa masuk hospital..admitted for 2 days at Selangor Specialist Hospital (formerly known as SMC)..biar ummi la cerita pasal I tak tau sangat ape yg dah jadi...

Ni cerita ummi tulis...

Isnin around 11 pm, Arissa was sleeping then suddenly woke up and vomitting on the bed..Hubby and I panicked but then we quickly clean up the muntah and Arissa. After a while she vomit again..until 2 pm..without thinking any longer, we decided to bring her to 24 hrs clinic at sek 15, Shah Alam.doc just gave some medication and antibiotic..the problem is she keep on throwing up even drink a sip of water..after get back from clinic she still vomitting thus it was so difficult to give medicine..

the following day both of us took a day off. we brought Arissa to another clinic concerning the vomitting became worse and she might loss water from her she refused to drink either water or milk..again, doc prescribed med and said it was a tonsil problem that made her threw up especially when she lay down. Her body temperature keeps on increasing, even sometimes OK. again, at 10pm on the same day we rushed to emergency SMC, unfortunately there was soooo many sick people that made us queued up until 2 hours..the Malay lady doctor just check ala kadar (is this kind of service we should deserve after waited like hell??). Surprisingly for such a big hospital like that got only 1 medical officer in emergency unit at this crucial time(???)..what a shame...I was so mad..somemore have to wait again while waiting in the treatment room..she then inserted anti-vomitting pill that claimed can avoid vomiiting up to 8 hours.I insisted my baby to be admitted, however no bed available..

The following day I took EL again...hubby went to work.I brought my girl to see paedetrician in the afternoon, my girl only warded late evening..I was so worried because her body was so weak until she couldn't walk..I almost cry seeing my baby like this, no energy, pale and crying..she used to be very active girl, talkative, smiley and fun..
so I slept at hospital, accompanying Arissa for 2 nights..tersentuh betul hati ni tgk dia kena cucuk, masuk air n ubat melalui tiub...She refused milk or any food..I think if not admitted, her body will totally dehydrated..we got 2 bedded ward for the 1st night but then I requested to change to single ward because our 'neighbour' was making sooo much noise..all the time..hmm..malas nak story lebih2..buat sakit hati je..

The next day hubby pulak took leave, bergilir..I went to office but my mind always think of my girl..tak sabar nk tunggu 5:30pm..I straight away went to hospital after finished work..guess what..Arissa started to cry once she saw me..she must be very bored staying in there.The good thing is she was getting better, starts to eat a little bit.So finally on Friday afternoon Arissa was discharged after doc confirmed she was much healthier and in good condition..nenek and mak uda took her from hospital since both of us working that day..Syukur Alhamdulillah...sekarang Arissa dh semakin sihat...

ceria dalam ward..

Monday, August 3, 2009

Faris & Farihin's birthday party

Faris, Farihin, ibu dengan Pak Ayip

Ummi punya handwriting on cake..cantik kan tulisan ummi...

Last Sunday was Faris & Farihin's birthday party. Faris hit no 2 while Farihin not yet 1 year actually (dia lahir 27/8/08). There were so many foods served, spaghetti,meehoon, sausage, nugget, home made chocolate cake, fruit cocktail dan macam-macam lagi..Kawan2 pun ramai datang..unfortunately, I didn't join the party...why??because I was asleep just before the party started..Yelah..we all arrived at around 12:30pm..then I main dgn Faris, I naik Farihin punya walker (hmm...masa kecik xnak naik) sampai xnak keluar...then I became very tired...around 3pm, ummi took me out from walker..I was so sleepy that was so good to have warm susu in air-conditioning room..syok sangat...I memang suka tempat sejuk...senang tidur...kalau naik kereta pun sama..I slept right after the last drop of susu finished..the party began at 3:30pm..around 50+ kids came n enjoyed the food, yummy cake and play around with each other.It's ok, hope I can mingle around with friends on my birthday party later...babai...